Seven Seas Berry Sales Teams Up with Santa Cruz Berry Farming Company

Watsonville, CA (June 1, 2011) – Seven Seas Berry Sales, a division of the Tom Lange Company, and Fritz Koontz of Santa Cruz Berry Farming Company have announced that Seven Seas will be representing and selling Santa Cruz Farming’s strawberries.  “Our office has had a great relationship with Fritz over the last 16 years and we are looking forward to working with him on promoting the Santa Cruz Berry Farming Company label”, said Alan Tagami, VP of Sales for Seven Seas.

Over the last several months Seven Seas has strengthened  its quality assurance team by adding Joe Urabe and Cesar Villalobos, both, formerly with Beach Street Farms.  “Both Joe and Cesar are going to be in the field and at the coolers inspecting fruit and making sure that only the highest quality is going to our customers”, said Alan Tagami.  

Fritz Koontz, owner of Santa Cruz Berry Farming Company, is growing both organic and conventional strawberries for 2011.  “Having been in the strawberry business for over 20 years has given me a huge appreciation for a great sales organization and that is what I know about Seven Seas Berry Sales.  I have worked with this office directly over the last 16 years and am looking forward to many more successful seasons with Seven Seas” said Koontz. 

The Seven Seas Berry Sales office, located in the heart of the northern California growing district, provides the sales team with a unique perspective on day-to-day production.  The sales team’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and grower relationships will provide customers with a resource to assist in effectively managing their berry category.   

Alan Tagami, VP Sales said “we are most excited that we will continue the relationship with Fritz Koontz, we have had a long relationship with Fritz and are looking forward to a strong future together”.