Tom Lange Company Debuts New Logo

Springfield, IL (February 23, 2012) From its beginnings in 1960 the Tom Lange Company operated on the idea of providing a service to both growers and receivers; a service built on integrity, reliability and good old-fashioned hard work.  And over the last 50 years the Tom Lange Company has become one of the largest global purveyors and distributors of fresh produce in America, serving the retail, wholesale and foodservice industries. 

“Meeting our customers’ needs has always come first.  But certainly the visionaries that founded the Tom Lange Company couldn’t have foreseen the produce landscape that exists today; the global aspect of the industry, the instant dissemination of information, and the breadth of produce items that are available from anywhere, anytime.  We are so proud to have been able to adapt as the industry has changed and this ability is a testament to our founders and all of the associates that have been part of this company for the last 50 years”, said Phil Gumpert, Chairman/CEO/President.

So, as the saying goes “these times are a changing”, we felt it was time to update our look to better reflect the company that Tom Lange is today.  We are now a global produce network, with integrated divisions all over the world, sourcing produce from over 20 countries but at the same time staying true to the values which we have operated under since our founding; integrity, reliability and hard work.  We feel that the new Tom Lange Company logo design reflects that we are part of a global community, committed to the success of our grower partners and our customers.

At Tom Lange we realize that the produce industry will continue to evolve, be it new varieties, new growing regions, changes in technology, changes in the way our customers do business or changes in the way which consumers evaluate the produce that they buy, where and how they purchase it.  However our job will be to keep pace with an ever-changing industry and continue to provide the outstanding service to our growers and customers for which we are known.