Outstanding Service and Solution from Farm to Shelf

At Tom Lange, we work diligently to ensure on-demand availability of a full line of fruits and vegetables at competitive prices backed by value-added services that other distributors cannot provide. We specialize in customized programs that integrate multiple aspects of the produce industry including procurement, distribution and shipping to 33 countries--simplifying fresh around the globe. Meeting our customers' needs has always come first. We simplify fresh for your business by providing an unparalleled knowledge of regional markets, fresh produce distribution, and logistics with 24-hour-per-day service, every day of the year.


Full Circle

We complete the entire production, distribution and logistics “circle” when it comes to produce. In fact, that’s why we are so proud to simplify fresh for your company.  We’ve got every part of that circle covered with our sister companies including Seven Seas for produce sourcing and Lange Logistics for shipping. They work hand-in-hand with our team at Tom Lange to complete the produce circle. We do it every single day with respect from our industry partners, with the very best clients and by delivering impeccable service. As one of the longest standing employee-owned companies in the industry, we've nurtured solid relationships all over the world with growers and shippers, as well as our customers-many of whom have been with us since we were just sprouts ourselves.