Tom LAnge Co.

Family of Companies

With deep roots and over 57 years of history in the produce industry, Tom Lange Company is poised for more growth as we simplify fresh around the globe. All over the world, each division of Tom Lange shares the same commitment to driving your success with our highly customized programs. From private label to transportation and more, we’ve got you covered.

We provide full circle service and complete the entire production, distribution and logistics circle when it comes to fresh produce. We've got every part covered with our Family of Companies - Seven Seas for growing and import/export, Tom Lange Company simplifying your sourcing and procurement, and Lange Logistics for transportation solutions. Our team works hand-in-hand every single day, delivering impeccable service.


Where It All Started

In May of 1960, Tom Lange Company was officially open for business in St. Louis, MO, with Tom Lange and Farrell "Dutch" Gay at the helm. Four years into the venture, Phil "Rock" Gumpert joined the team, making this a fierce trio in a growing business.

Fast forward to 2017, Rock is still leading our international company as Chairman/CEO, with a combined 24 office locations, offering services in 33 countries across the globe!

"Business is good... Join us!" - Tom Lange

Our Values

Accountability: As an employee-owned company, each and every one of us is vested in creating success for our customer by conducting best-in-class business with honesty and integrity.

Innovation: We encourage and nurture fresh ideas to improve our growing and distribution processes in order to best serve our customers.

Social Responsibility: Each division of the Tom Lange Family of Companies abides by fair labor practices across the globe and works to reduce our impact as stewards of the environment.